Fort Greely, AK Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information 
    Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)
     is provided by the military to help active service members with housing costs, and can be used for either on- or off-base housing.

    The Housing Services Office (HSO) will be your first point of contact when you receive moving orders, and provides services that will help you with referrals, relocation assistance, guidance for entering a lease agreement and tenant-landlord disputes. Click here for the Fort Greely Welcome Booklet.

    • Fort Greely HSO can be reached at (907) 873-4658.
    Fort Greely On Post Housing 
    • On-post housing for Fort Greely is privatized. To check available housing for your pay grade and family size, contact Winn Companies - North Haven Communities (888) 808-6082. They have 2-4 bedroom apartments with varying amenities, such as: dishwasher, washer/dryer hookups and heated garages. The community features a swimming pool, sauna, playgrounds and more. 

    Fort Greely, AK Off Post Housing

    Search our database for available rentals and homes for sale in the area.

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    Surrounding Areas
    Fairbanks has 32,000 residents, small for a typical city, but this is actually Alaska's second largest city. There's plenty going on in Fairbanks, but Alaska is notoriously remote and most cities are not close to each other. Delta Junction, Deltana, and North Pole are smaller communities where off post housing can also be found.

    Living in Alaska is unlike living anywhere else in the United States; living so close to the true wilderness is unique and does present some impediments to everyday life. Native American culture and way of life is still very strong here; new residents will have a lot to learn and keep them entertained, as well.  The cities near Fort Greely are: Delta Junction and Salcha

    About Fort Greely
    Fort Greely is home to the Cold Regions Test Center as this is one of the coldest areas in Alaska. The United States Army uses Fort Greely as the launch site for anti-ballistic missiles that are located in Fairbanks, Alaska, almost 100 miles away. Fort Greely was selected as the site for the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system and the Missile Defense Command in 2002. Fort Greely is home to the Washington Range which has a multi-purpose range for air defense testing. The fort is near Delta Junction, Alaska. For more infomation about Fort Greely click here